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Welcome to our Kingdom I.N.S.I.G.H.T. Services & Solutions (KISS)! Kingdom Ambassadors International is now introducing a new collection of initiatives geared to help strengthen, broaden, and establish a new prophetic dimension, with updated and revised methods of administration, for the new era. While prophetic or Kingdom INSIGHT is basically the core service we provide, INSIGHT communicates a much deeper principle as an acronym for Intelligence Necessitating Strategic Implementation of Genuine Heavenly Technology. This means that instead of the former paradigm where prophetic ministry or supernatural insight was briefly given and then forgotten, there is an understanding that when God speaks there is often a series of preconditions or responses necessary for fulfillment. In other words, delivering or receiving heavenly insight is the easy part, but knowing what to do with this insight often requires mature (heavenly) wisdom and strategic implementation of divine principles.

Therefore, it is with this understanding that we not only serve as a portal to supernatural intelligence to our clients, but also as a partner to provide consultation and instruction toward fulfillment on a long-term basis. Through structured times of discussion, dialogue and counsel, we will have Kingdom Intelligence Briefings with strategic implementation plans catered to your specific category.


Services Cost

The services we provide to our clients are offered FREE of charge. As an embassy of born-again believers representing the Kingdom of God, we choose not to operate according to the standard principles or practices of business and commerce. Instead, we are modeled after the honor principle practiced by the prophets, Jesus, and His apostles in Scripture (Matt. 10). What this means is that while there is no legalistic requirement or specific cost to access our services, there is a biblical responsibility to properly receive (or honor) those whom God has sent or appointed to function in such a capacity. Honor in Scripture often carries with it the connotation of financial reward, and Scripture is clear that the laborer is worthy of such (1 Tim. 5:17-18; 1 Cor. 9:11-14).

The principle of honor or reward works both ways. Honor is the key to heaven’s miraculous release, so when ample honor is given, heaven acknowledges your faith and reciprocates that honor or reward back to you. When due honor is withheld, the grace for fulfillment (reward) is also withheld.


Categories and Description


Corporate CommunityChurch or Corporate Kingdom Community:


There are two distinct levels of interaction in this category. The first level (Level 1) is catered primarily to the senior pastor and/or governing elders of a local church body to:


  • Rediscover God’s divine purpose and objective from a corporate dimension.
  • Reexamine and then redefine the church’s corporate vision in light of this revelation.
  • Identify and expose dangerous internal deficiencies that seek to deviate or abort God’s divine purpose.
  • Chart an accurate course that aligns with what has been determined in heaven.


The second level (Level 2) is catered to the entirety of the local church body or Kingdom community, including every leader and individual member, to provide:


  • Structured times of expository teaching and equipping in Kingdom principles through scheduled meetings, events, conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Local church exposure to accurate prophetic ministry.
  • Teaching and training using various manuals and handbooks in the new prophetic dimension.
  • Healing, deliverance, and activation of spiritual gifts within members.




BusinessBusiness or Organization:


In this particular category inquiry is made regarding the organization’s true purpose for being in existence. We firmly believe that no business or organization was intended by God to operate in the earth without a divine purpose. Your desire to make a profit is not your true purpose. Therefore we seek to:


  • Identify and clarify God’s unique purpose for the organization.
  • Establish clear parameters of operation based upon God’s revealed purpose.
  • Identify weaknesses and hindrances within the organization that keep from fulfilling God’s purpose.
  • Review, re-evaluate, and then, if necessary, realign with the course that God has predetermined for the organization.




FamilyIndividual or Family:


The individual and family represent the two core foundational institutions of every society. The first human institution established by God in the earth is the individual (i.e. the man, Adam), followed closely by the family (i.e. Adam and Eve). The success or failure of every subsequently formed institution, or any society or nation, can be traced back to the strengths or weaknesses found in these two. They are also the two main areas where satan exerts the most effort to bring destruction. Therefore, we are focused upon:


  • Strengthening or reestablishing an intimate relationship with God.
  • Restoring integrity or wholeness to the individual or family unit.
  • Identifying and activating prophetic destiny.
  • Identifying and removing access points being exploited by the enemy.




marriageMarriage or Relationships:


One of the areas where we have received the most requests for prophetic input in the past has been concerning potential marriage relationships. Choosing a marriage partner is possibly the most important decision one can ever make after Jesus and His Kingdom. Unfortunately, many churches today fail to properly prepare young adults on how to discern between the true and the false, or how to make wise decisions in preparation for marriage. Then to compound the issue, very little help is provided after marriage so that the relationship can be preserved. While we absolutely refuse to take the place of the Holy Spirit in your life to tell you who to marry, we can provide the following:


  • Prophetic input to help you in making the right decision.
  • Pre-marital counseling to help prepare you and your partner for marriage or convince you that you should wait.
  • Post-marital counsel and consultation.
  • Periodic assessment.


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An ambassador is one who is sent as an official messenger or representative of a sovereign or State. He becomes the embodiment of that nation, state or country who sends him to the people or nation to whom he is sent. In other words, when an ambassador speaks, he doesn't speak of his own or voice his own opinions because he doesn't represent himself. When he speaks or acts, he does so on behalf of the nation or government he represents. It is as if the king or sovereign himself were speaking or acting. As you can see, this is not a religious title, but a name that is given to those specially appointed by the king or sovereign -- not by vote -- to walk in a high level of power, authority and governmental influence. You do not earn this rank by an academic degree or a recommendation by the people. It is only by sovereign appointment. God is raising up many Kingdom ambassadors in this hour to reveal the truths of His Kingdom. They are not concerned with religious titles, and they are not motivated by a "my church", "my ministry", "my fame and recognition", self-promoting, self-exalting and self-seeking mentality that we see so much of today. They are representatives not of themselves, a church, ministry or network, but of an eternal Kingdom, and their mission is to see it fully manifest on the earth. Are you one of them?

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Question_Mark_Cloud_ElijahOne day a certain prophet, desperate for a greater experience beyond the norms of religion, echoed the cry of Elisha before God saying, “Where is the God of Elijah?” He was tired of religion. He was tired of only a historical Jesus. He wanted more! God responded to this prophet in a way you and I would never imagine. His response: “Where are the Elijahs of God?”

The implications of this rhetorical question are quite profound. We say we want more of God, but do we really? Or are we merely expecting God to fit into our personal boxes, programs, paradigms or schedules? How are we positioning ourselves for God to answer this request?

And Elisha saw it and he cried, “My father, my father! The chariots of Israel and its horsemen!” And he saw him no more.

Then he took hold of his own clothes and tore them in two pieces. And he took up the cloak (mantle) of Elijah that had fallen from him and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan.


(2 Kings 2:12-13 ESV; parenthesis mine)

For Elisha, it meant tearing off his clothes before trying to take up and put on Elijah’s mantle (2 Kings 2:12-13). Elisha first had to strip himself, and convincingly so, for by tearing off his clothes it meant that he would never be wearing them again. God does not conform to our requirements; it is we who are to conform to His. Until we come to a recognition that what we have been doing, how we have been praying, what we have been trying, how we have been worshipping, what we have been believing, and how we have been ministering in the past has been totally deficient, we will not have what it takes to strip ourselves of everything we have known, and what has become common, and what “fits” us, in order to embrace a new mantle (Matt. 13:44).

Elijah’s mantle represents more than an anointing for miracles or a ministry like Elijah. It represents selflessness, spiritual sight, spiritual fatherhood, and a willingness to boldly stand against a syncretistic form of religion that violates the commandments of God.

The name Elijah actually means Jehovah is my God, or My God is Jehovah. It means that Elijah’s worship or allegiance was singular unto God. His devotion was not to a church, religion, ministry, doctrine, earthly leader or himself. There was no idolatrous deviation or misguided devotion.  His commitment was solely and completely to God.

Ironically, he never had a need to seek or pursue another man’s mantle, because he was mantled by God Himself, the same as Moses, his predecessor. He was willing to know God for himself without allowing others to completely define who God is for him. This is what qualified him to be a true spiritual father, and it is what caused him to be immortalized in Scripture as an icon of the prophets.

If you want to experience the God of Elijah, then you will have to do the same. There are no short-cuts. It will require the same commitment, the same singular devotion, the same selflessness, and the same boldness. So I ask you: Are you an Elijah of God?

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Kingdom Ambassadors International is an embassy dedicated to bringing church reformation, kingdom demonstration and global transformation as we seek to establish an accurate, borderless Kingdom Community among the nations.

Our vision is to equip and empower strong leaders, ministers and saints to embrace a kingdom culture, defined by a set of core values, for the perpetuation of God's purposes among all people, and the complete manifestation of Christ's Kingdom here on earth. This single objective will be realized and accomplished through the following key initiatives:

  • The diligent promotion and bold, determined proclamation of God's Kingdom agenda in the earth.
  • The establishing of new reformation positions and patterns throughout the global community of Kingdom Citizens otherwise known as the Church.
  • To be an accurate prophetic voice that will open up new pathways and portals of access to heaven, thus releasing a new sound as well as new depths of wisdom and insight that will elevate the Church to a new prophetic dimension and magnify Jesus in the earth.
  • Building and establishing churches, embassies and kingdom communities both locally and globally.

  • Effective evangelism and discipleship.

  • Reaching of the unchurched, the unsaved and the unreached.

  • Establishing new and more effective models of biblical education along with Kingdom-centered training institutes.

  • Networking and co-laboring with other leaders, five-fold ministers and ministries operating within their various spheres.

  • Media outreach (radio, television, internet, books, etc.).

  • Community Outreaches (feeding/housing programs, etc.).

  • The strategic training and placement of Kingdom Ambassadors in the home, church, media, health-care, law & government, education, entertainment, business & commerce, etc., so that they bring a Kingdom dimension to their respective field.

  • Conferences, seminars and accelerated training programs geared toward equipping the Saints.

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